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Grand Opening

With business booming for Australian Automotive Sales it has more than doubled its showroom space- leasing the adjacent property in Doncaster.

AAS started with the Tricarico & Orlando brothers buying and reselling cars from Carsales, storing the vehicles in their home garages, to today having a wholesale showroom and now a new ultra-modern retail centre.

When the extra space came up for lease the AAS Directors made an offer to buy the site but it was for lease only.

Taking over a factory shell the team quickly set about transforming it into an urban industrial themed showroom that showcases the luxury and unique cars for sale. The front of the premises has a gallery and café where freshly made coffee is served.

The new showroom was officially opened in February and has attracted a lot of interest from buyers who can now get great deals at wholesale prices.

The new showroom also means there is extra space for special projects and exceptionally rare cars to be experienced to a wider audience such as the McLaren 675LT Spider which arrived mid December which had the likes of Anthony Koutoufides and Channel 7 News visit.

AAS is also currently restoring a 1967 Ford Mustang as a replica of Eleanor in the movie – Gone in 60 seconds which will be a feature in the showroom once restored.

AAS Showroom Grand Opening Time-lapse from Australian Automotive Sales on Vimeo.